CSM test |
Where does your organization stand?

While writing the book, the idea of developing a customer signals management test was born. It would enable organizations to determine where they stand in relation to the 4 spearheads of customer signals management: the customer, the employee, continuous improvement and the organization system. It gives insight into the topics that play a role when implementing CSM and thus what needs more or less attention from you wanting to start with CSM.

CSM test

The CSM test gives you insight into where your organization stands in relation to the 4 spearheads of customer signals management. It is a quantitative survey, in which we purposely ask you to complete it from a number of perspectives now and then. Your own perspective, that of your department and of the entire organization. After all, it is interesting to compare not only your high/low scores but also any great deviations between you, the department and the organization. It is a great baseline as the starting point for a dialog on what is required in order to improve customer signals management throughout your organization. Go to the survey.

Customer Centricity maturity level

Another test that we have developed is a test on how customer centric your organization is at this moment. The test is used within CSM programmes, to monitor the baseline and the change toward more customer centricity. It is send to all the employees twice a year and the analyses are shared with the leadership so they know where their attention is needed in making a successful transition. Since this test needs the context of a change programme, it is not available here online. If you are interested, feel free to send an e-mail to zanna@ksmfactory.com.