KSM training

More and more organizations are becoming enthusiastic about the customer signals management method, and want to apply it in practice. We welcome every initiative, as the more organizations who apply our method, the greater the chance that our dream of a customer-centric Netherlands will come true! We have therefore introduced KSM training possibilities in order to guarantee quality and teach everyone the appropriate approaches. This is where you’ll learn to apply customer signals management in optima forma.

The focus is on training in Customer signals management, allowing you to apply the method in practice immediately during training.  We are also considering introducing masterclasses, in order that everyone can keep up-to-date with the latest insights, as we continue to innovate the method.

Training Customer Signals Management

Would you like to apply Customer signals management in your organization? The Customer signals management training course will bring all aspects of the method to life. We aim, first and foremost, at the practical situation and how to apply it. This is of course based on the theoretical background of the method, but always with a view to being able to start right now. We will not only teach you our measurement methods but will also focus on the importance of change management and how that too can be translated in practice into ACTION instead of WORDS. In brief therefore, every step of the customer signals management journey is covered.

Introduction customer signals management

Is your organization working at customer experience and/or customer signals management but things are not moving forward quickly or effectively enough? Do you feel there is more to be achieved? It may prove useful for you all to learn more about all the possible options, what other organizations do, to get you all speaking the same language and making it easier to discuss hard and firm activities together. Is the CEM training course still a step too far? We can offer an alternative in our customer experience management introduction, comprising two three-hour lectures.

Individual coaching

Are you new to your role in which you must deal with customer experience, or do you need a new way of measuring customer satisfaction? Are you looking for a bit more know-how and confidence in your current role? Would you like support when implementing a change program in the customer satisfaction field? Individual coaching could be the right choice for you.

 “Thanks to Zanna’s coaching, I now have more insight into how I can fulfill my new role and take control. Zanna provided me with concrete advice which I can apply in daily practice. She also challenged me to move out of my comfort zone. All in all, her coaching helped me a great deal.”

Jacqueline Essien, services evaluation employee Municipality of Amsterdam

“We requested that Zanna coach our sector managers in Customer Experience Management in two tutorials. What is it? When should you deploy CEM? When should other methods be used? What are the trends and what best practices are seen? We had a multiple target; knowledge development but also the development of a common language.

The tutorials were very educational, with an information part alternated with an practical part . Step by step, we were introduced to the trends and hypes of customer centricity. Zanna is impassioned, an expert in customer centricity who knows exactly how to convey it to the rest of us.”

Ton van Alphen, Head of customer contact office, Brabant Water

“Zanna is a wonderful principal lecturer. She gives you confidence, advice and enough time for questions. She speaks of her profession with passion. She asks the right coaching questions, allowing you to find your own answers and a solution for whatever issue you’re facing. Add to that her vast experience in the professional field, and lessons learned from Zanna become extremely valuable ones.”

Maaike Stil, Team leader customer contact center, Eneco